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Custom HB- Lap Pickup
Custom humbucking pickups for lap steel guitar
Humbucker high output, clean tone and low noise are the hallmarks of the V V G humbucking pickups designed for eight string lap steel guitar. The twin coils of these pickups are scatter wound and matched for clear, even output across all eight strings. The output cable has an independent exterior braided grounded shield and four-conductor wiring that allows coil tapping for single coil tone.

Stringmaster Pickup

Stringmaster style pickups for lap steel guitars
V V G Single coil stringmaster style pickups pickups deliver the tone and sustain lap steel guitar players need. These pickups feature eight even height AlNiCo-V rod magnets, grounded shielding, enameled coil wire and vintage cloth covered output leads.
Charlie Christian Pickup "Charlie Christian" style single coil pickups
The V V G CC-Rider delivers BIG and clear vintage tone! These pickups have an unslotted mild steel blade polepiece, twin bar magnets (AlNiCo-V or ceramic-8) and vintage cloth covered output leads. These pickups are often installed in the neck position to Tele style guitars, lap steel guitars and jazz boxes. The CC-Rider pickup is available with beveled tops in BWB, WBW, faux tortoise shell. The CC-Rider may be purchased as a single or in calibrated RWRP sets. These pickups ship with two complete sets of magnets; please read the description on the order page for a full description of the magnet types available.

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