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V V G offers a wide range of custom pickguard assemblies that will give your instrument both a unique look and tone that will turn heads. Only a few examples are shown on the web site- call or email for a quote on the PG you would like. Options include rotary and blade switches such as the Five Tone Tele switch and the Fat O Caster (made by Emmett Brown - V V G uses USA-made components including CTS audio-taper pots and CRL blade switches.

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Please click on the images of pickups below for a more detailed description and ordering information
Pearloid PG
Strat style white pearloid PG assembly with two V V G Soapbar style pickups.
This assembly features standard strat controls (volume, tone, tone) and the Five tone Tele switch from Emmett Brown ( This PG assembly requires the “swimming pool cavity in the guitar body or special routing for the pickups.

Strat Style PG

Strat style guitar with two V V G soapbar style pickups installed as described above.
This pickup configuration is available with either the three-way tele style blade switch or the Five tone Tele switch from Emmett Brown (
Custom PG Custom contour PG shape for those who want a more modern look.
Standard 3 pickup configuration with either master volume and master tone or standard strat (volume, tone, tone). Available in black, crème, BWB, WBW and other colors.
Strat PG Strat style PG with three HB size P-90 style pickups delivers massive tone! Choose either two or three pickup configuration with either master volume and master tone or standard strat (volume, tone, tone). Available in black, crème, BWB, WBW and other custom colors. These pickups coupled with the Fat O Caster rotary switch ( gives some incredible tonal flexibility.
Pickguard V V G PG assemblies include grounded shielding and feature USA-made CTS pots and CRL switches. These PG assemblies are hand wired with care. You can specify 0.047 mF or 0.022 mF capacitors. A  0.047 mF cap has a larger capacity to remove treble frequencies from the guitar signal than a 0.022 mF cap. Small rotations (< 1/8 turn) of the tone pot when a 0.047 mF cap is installed makes very noticeable reduction in treble frequencies. The 0.022 mF cap has a smaller range and provides more sensitive control of the treble frequencies.
Tele PG Tele style PG (BWB shown) with the V V G CC-R pickup installed. The current design of the C C Rider pickup has an unslotted mild steel bar polepiece and may be ordered with either ceramic or AlNiCo bar magnets. The PG may be ordered as BWB, WBW, or single ply black bakelite. The AlNiCo-V bar magnets when installed give a more mellow, warm vintage tone. The ceramic magnets have higher output and add more edge and bite for a modern tone.
Tele PG Tele style PG outline in faux tortoise shell. I can offer these PG’s in crème, black, BWB, WBW, bakelite and other materials and colors. Please specify the hole pattern you would prefer.
Custom PG Custom BWB PG assembly made for use on a strat with Bigsby tremolo installed.
Custom pickguard assembly made to fit a strat style instrument with a Bigsby style tremolo. This custom PG features three V V G vintage shorty pickups and the standard strat style controls circuit (volume, tone, tone).
Left Hand PG Left-handed strat style PG assembly in white pearloid with V V G SP-90 (strat-size single coil) pickups installed. Options for left-handed PG assemblies include the Fat O Caster switch (, your choice of V V G pickups.

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